“Health is in your hands”

JIN SHIN JYUTSU- the art of self-healing by using your hands and fingers

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art of harmonizing your vital energy, easy to learn and available for everybody.

In my workshop, which consists of 8 two hourly weekly meetings (or one intensive week end) I want to invite you to explore this simple but effective art by applying self-help exercises.

I would like you to become familiar with some mudras (finger postures) in order to break down blockages of organ functions, renew the vital energy as well as harmonizing attitudes such as sadness, fear, worry, anger etc., overcoming shyness, depression, irritability and perfectionism.

I am going to introduce the 26 “safety energy locks” with its significance and functions. Further more we are going to do powerful energetic flows in order to harmonize vital organs and break down the stagnant energy. During every meeting/course I will show you simple exercises of self-help in order to prevent illnesses or to cure them by touching specific energy points.

JSJ helps anything and everything, including allergies, headaches, stress, illness/disease, digestive and eating disorders, depression, women´s and men´s issues, emotional distress, respiratory problems, arthritis, skin problems, chronic fatigue, stroke and/ or brain injury.

It also assists in healing injuries (including surgery), reduces side effects of pain, strengthens the immune system and helps side effects of chemotherapy.

It is also known to be helpful for fertility issues and is beneficial during and after pregnancy.

We all have the innate power to heal ourselves.


Participate in our workshops. Health is your most valuable treasure.