The bamboo is the symbol of the oriental world. It simbolizes flexibility, beauty, strength, prosperity, peace and good luck.

During a typical bamboo massage, bamboo sticks of different sizes (thick, small, long and thin) are used to apply pressure, kneading and stroking techniques in order to renew and relax the body.


  • Benefits of a bamboo massage:

    • produces a deep sense of relaxation, serenity and inner well-being
    • can improve sleep quality and helps insomnia
    • helps to alleviate arthritic pain, particularly in the neck and shoulders
    • improves nervous system functions
    • increases joint and muscle flexibility
    • assists to remove lactic acid in order to remove pain
    • soothes away stress
    • renews your body and calms your mind
    • helps to eliminate cellulitis
    • drains the lymphatic system
    • works as a “face lift”