Test intolerancia alimentaria

Food Intolerance TestEverybody who ever tried to lose weight knows that “metabolism” stands for the complex set of biochemical reactions acting within our body. Thanks to these reactions the food we eat is broken down into energy and nutrition sustaining every living cell within our system.

The faster your metabolism, the quicker your body is capable of burning fat and calories.

That means that a faster metabolic rate makes losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

How to boost your metabolism in order to lose weight and feel good:

  1. Try to avoid processed food that is full of colorants, saturated or oxidized fats, sugars and extra calories because it can slow your metabolism.
  2. Add physical activity to your daily routine but do only what you really enjoy (it could be anything: swimming, yoga, hiking, jogging or playing tennis). The more active you are, the faster your metabolism will be.
  3. Eat four or five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large ones. By doing so it provides a more consistent stream of nutrients into your body which can maximize your metabolism.
  4. Start with a healthy and abundant breakfast (fruits, cereals, dairy etc.) That provides you a lot of energy for the day and calories are burnt faster in the early morning than during the rest of the day.
  5. Avoid greasy meals and snacks! Low-fat sources of protein such as fresh cold-water fish or lean meat will provide your body with energy that can efficiently metabolize.
  6. To facilitate digestion add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables!
  7. Increase your water intake! You need at least 1.5 l of plain water during the day- but  not during meals as this dilutes gastric juices.
  8. Do not go hungry! Starving yourself can cause your metabolism to slow down because it will try to conserve energy by storing more fat and slowing the rate at which it burns food as a fuel.
  9. Before you change your eating habits make sure what substances your system really tolerates. Everything you are intolerant to slows the metabolism rate and affects your overall health and wellbeing.
  10. Take the Vega Test at one of our Hanny Dee clinics around the Costa Blanca in order to know to what you are intolerant to and to get your system back into balance!

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